American Assistance

American Assistance is a Lifeline Assistance program brought to you by American Broadband and Telecommuncations and supported by the Federal Universal Service Fund. Qualified applicants can receive a FREE cell phone, 250 FREE monthly minutes and 250 FREE text messages*.

You may qualify for American Assistance, a Lifeline Assistance Program, if you participate in programs such as Food Stamps or Medicaid. Click here to learn more about eligibility requirements.


Program Benefits

Qualified applicants will receive the following benefits.

  • Free Cell Phone
  • Free 250 Minutes Per Month
  • Free 250 Text Messages Per Month
  • Free Caller ID
  • Free Call Waiting
  • Free 3 Way Calling
  • Free Voicemail
  • No Monthly Bill
  • No Contract
  • No Money Down
  • No Purchase Necessary

Call 866.266.7212 or click here to apply.



Click here to see a map of the areas where coverage will be provided.


Need more minutes and text?

American Assistance allows you to add minutes and texts to your plan as needed.


100 Talk 100 Talk Minutes $3.99
200 Talk 200 Talk Minutes $6.99
500 Talk  500 Talk Minutes $12.99
100 Text 100 Text Messages $0.99
100 Talk/Text 100 Talk Minutes + 100 Text Messages $4.99
250 Talk/Text 250 Talk Minutes + 250 Text Messages $9.99
500 Talk/Text 500 Talk Minutes + 500 Text Messages $15.99
1,000 Talk/Text 1,000 Talk Minutes + 1,000 Text Messages $24.99


American Assistance subscribers can easily add minutes and texts by dialing *611 on your American Assistance mobile phone or call 1.866.266.7212.
*Airtime cards are NOT accepted. We only accept debit or credit cards.

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*Offer may vary by State.


Need to Recertify?

To keep the free phone you received in 2013 OR 2014 you MUST recertify by the end of 2015! Click here to fill out the recertification form.

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